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January 14, 2011


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I've been wanting to try this technique for a while but everything I have read says you have to break the yarn at the end of the row and start back at the beginning. Did you have to do that here?


Hi Raygan. When I made my entrelac scarf I DIDN'T break the yarn. I just worked back and forth and it looked great. On my jockey shirt I did start with a new piece of yarn each row but that was because I was changing color. Give it a try. :-)


looks great! the scarf and the jockey both!


Thanks Cityminx! I've got a sewing machine waiting for you. If you want it, drop on by. :-)


Nice! Are you going to add that crazy grin that Mike drew to your jockey?


Ha! Not sure the jockey will have Mike's crazy grin but he definitely needs the goggles and a tiny bow tie. :-). Stay tuned...


I love this doll. Now he needs a horse to ride on.


Thanks Donesia. Yes, I would like to also make a horse. That is, if I can ever get this guy finished. Too many projects, too little time. Story of my life.


Awesome! Living next to Keeneland Race Course, it's a call-to-post. I'd love to see your work in my magazine, Spool. www.spoolmag.com


Hi De. It must be interesting to live next to Keeneland Race Course!!! I wish I could photograph my little guy there. We'll probably go to Aqueduct Race Track. Now I just need to get him finished!!!

Congratulations on Spool magazine. It looks wonderful. I'd love to contribute something. I'll be in touch. Thanks De.


Katherine Nightingale

I was wondering if you would send me the pattern for the scarf?? It's beautiful!!
Thank you.

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