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May 30, 2011


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He is so nice! Great job, so detailed! This is the cutest jockey I've ever seen.

Howie Woo

Your jockey is so wonderful (and life-sized accurate too ;) His goggles and jersey totally give him the edge to win first prize at the races! Those are fantastic photos too, and I admire how your brought your jockey (and your audience) to the raceway. I'd bet my entire paycheque on your winning creation! :D


Hi Julia. It's nice to hear from you all the way from the Ukrane! Kyiv looks beautiful. Thanks for your nice comment about my jockey. You do some really nice amigurumi too. Keep in touch. Kara


Howie, your comments cracked me up. You're so clever! I especially like that you think the jockey is "life size" ha ha.

The trip to the racetrack was interesting. It's the first time I've been to a track. There was an odd feeling of desperation in the air. One old lady had a plastic bag holding money, her bible, and a rosary! I hope her horses won!!!

Take care Howie. xo


Amazing work! How did you make the goggles?


Thanks Donesia. We had a clear plastic container of rice in the cupboard that had "indents" where you put your fingers. One of the indented areas was the perfect size and shape for a pair of goggles. I cut the goggle shape I wanted out of the container, and then edged the plastic with a round of single crochet. Lucky find in our kitchen!


oooh he is sooo cool! I just found your site....your stuff is amazing, I am off to look some more :)


Thanks Jackie!!! You make really great stuff too! http://www.amidorablecrochet.blogspot.com/
I really love the body shapes of your amigurumis and the way you do your button and flower eyes is brilliant. I look forward to keeping up with your work. Kara

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