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January 31, 2009


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I like the old netting shot best!


He is fantastic!


I love your winter viking! reminds me of Hagar the horrible but in a cute version:) Wish you had won the contest!

Debbie Williams

I love this little guy. Any chance you will be selling the pattern?


Thanks Vims and Debbie. Debbie, yes, I do plan to sell all of my patterns once I get them in an acceptable format. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again!

Liz McQueen

Yes, PLEASE sell the pattern to this little guy and let us know about it! It actually looks a little like my father-in-law!!!


I NEED THIS. Oh my god...I would carry him around while I drink mead and listen to Finntroll. <3


Thanks Liz. You must have a cute fater-in-law!
Grimkitten your comment made me laugh. My husband went to see Finntroll a while back. Take care.


My nephew love this winter viking!!I love to make this for him, i like to buy this pattern!!


Thanks Melody. I'll let you know when the pattern is ready for sale. :-) Kara


Hi there Kara, my coworker and I looove your pattern and would really appreciate it if you could let us know when it will be ready for sale!
Again, love your work and hope you have a lovely day! Thanks :D


Hi Jazminemy. Unfortunately, there has been a delay in the publication of our patterns. I'm really sorry. I'm working to find a new publisher and will be in touch as soon as I have news. Thanks so much for your nice words about our work and sorry again for the loooong delay in getting my patterns to the market! Kara

Nancy Clark

Cool, I made a Hagar the Horrible for my nephew. But it doesn't compare to your viking, I love it.



You know Nancy, I kind of had Hagar the Horrible in mind when I was designing the viking. I'd love to see your Hagar, but sadly, the link won't work for me. Feel free to send me a photo. I'm sure it's terrific. What a lucky nephew.


Oh I hope you manage to publish the patterns soon... My Gaelic History lecture showed us a picture of your amazing creation in our lecture on the Vikings today, and I stupidly mentioned I could crochet; now everyone wants one! Particularly one of the guys in the class, who has long ginger hair and beard, and does re-enactments! Seriously, it looks just like him.. :)

Truly, truly love it.


Wow, that's amazing that my little viking ended up in your Gaelic History lecture. :-). I am currently working on the pattern for the viking (he will be the first pattern released) and I will let you know when it is ready. I hope it is in time for you to make a viking for the guy in the class with the ginger hair and beard who does reenactments. :-). Take care and thanks for writing Rebecca.


Annette Bowman

Very cool! By a totally circuitous route I found your blog and Viking doll. I am excited that you are making a pattern for him! Please let me know when it is available.


please, made ​​me know when the patern goes on sale

Anja Nordh

I would love to buy the pattern too! He is adorable! :)))


I saw the photo wandering around on facebook and I wpild love the buy the pattern. If it is possible? He is fantastic!


Thanks so much to all of you who have expressed interest in the pattern for this doll. I'm working on it now and will let you know when it is available. Take care and thanks again. Kara


I love this doll! It's a great job, I hope you have the pattern early because I have viking friends who want the doll xD


I am just freaking out over how cute this is! I am posting so I can remember to stay in the loop to get the pattern.


That is SO CUTE!!!!!! Big smile here.


How tall is he?


Thanks Iris, Aranwen and Muriel!!! You guys are very kind. Muriel, the viking is about 10 inches tall (that's with the hat). Maybe a bit shorter without the hat. I'll let you all know when the pattern for this guy is ready. Thanks again! Kara


Delightful Doll - Add me to the list for a Pattern. Especially like the details of the helmet, the shield and the axe. /;)


He is so cute, would like to make him for my boyfriend, he loves vikings. Please let me know when I can buy the pattern. Thank you.


I do hope you will have a pattern posted soon he is an amazing little doll!


Ahhh I so want this pattern!!!! Where can I get it?


Is the pattern out yet?


oh he is just amazing. i live in norway and my son loves vikings. please kontakt me if the pattern is out.

sari poikajärvi-mustonen

lovely viking! Is the pattern out yet??


This is by far the best crochet viking I have found online. Just wonderful. Please let us know as soon as the pattern is available. Thanks!


I would also like to know when the pattern comes available. It's very cute!


I NEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD this pattern! PLEASE post soon! Thank you!


Thanks Denice, Bamble, Tiffany, Mel, Sari, Mel, Silv, Beth, April, Conny and LadyWillow!!! I am putting the finishing touches on the Viking pattern and should have it ready by the end of the summer. Thank you so much for your patience. I can't wait to see the vikings you will create. Please take care. I'll be in touch as soon as the pattern is ready. Kara

Peggy Hansen

I would love a copy of this pattern as soon as you have it available.. please and thank you!

Anna B.

Hi! This little guy is sooooo cute! Is the pattern anywhere available?

Sibylla peda

I would also like to know when the pattern comes available. It's very cute!
best wishes

Paloma Mora

Greetings from Spain!! I am also interested in getting your pattern .... this is adorable !! He would be the perfect gift for my brother ..... thank you very much and congratulations for your work!


Is the pattern available for purchase yet??


when is pattern ready ?

Bettie J Crandall

Is the pattern available for purchase yet??

Monica D

Is pattern available? Would love to make some for my granddaughters.

Monica D

Is pattern available for purchase? Please let me know when it is. Thanks

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