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October 13, 2009


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Hahaha, too funny!

Actually, that's really interesting - I hadn't heard of flat tapestry crochet before (I thought it was only done in the round) so I had to visit the site to find out how to do the 'backwards' rows. Thanks for mentioning it!


Hi June! Nice to hear from you. It took me a bit of practice to learn to do those "backwards" rows for flat tapestry crochet but it was totally worth the effort. Thanks for your feedback on the Vanna piece. Glad you like it. Take care.

Howie Woo

I would vote your diabolical and hilarious Vanna&Board as the winner of any crochet contest, especially one hosted by Vanna herself! After all, you were just wishing her "Luck" right? ;) hehe

Thanks for the links to learning tapestry crochet!


Thanks Howie!!! You are the KING of funny crochet so a good review from you means a lot to me. I just added a link to your site on my blog so others can see your wonderful creations. Take care. Kara


I CANNOT believe that you didn't make it into the winner's circle with your viking!!! He is so much more creative and better executed than most of the items in the Craft category. Hmmmph. No wonder you were wishing Vanna "luck" to quote Howie.

Vanna is wonderful. I love her big grin and sparkley dress. I will have to go look up tapestry crochet. I've never done it and I'm not even sure I've seen it before. Very cool!


Thanks Shanna. I love your Ganesh.
He is just brilliant!! And I also adore the little clay items your husband made to go with him. I can understand not wanting to give him up. Take care Shanna and thanks for your kind comments re: my Vanna piece.


Now this would probably win if the puzzle said, Buy Vanna's Choice Lion Brand yarn at Michael's! j/k Great job on all!


Ha. You're probably right Chele!


I love it!!!! Love it, love it, love it!
You are so very talented!!!!!
Fantastic - must forward the pics to my friends....
H xxxx


Thanks Heather! Just got done doing yoga again (again very poorly!!!) and I was missing you and missing our outings together, yoga related and otherwise. Take good care!!

Morning Artist

Great job, it's a winner for me. It's unique your craftsmanship is superb. Thanks for sharing about taperstry crochet, this is the first time I heard of it. Now, I'm excited to give it a try.


Hey just happened across your blog from One Pretty Thing and I loove this piece! You know they're running that contest again right now (until Feb.1) and I think you should enter this one :o)


Thanks Morning Artist and thanks Steph. I saw that they are running the contest again and for a minute I did consider submitting my Vanna - ha ha.


Oh my god! This is the most awesome and hilarious thing I've ever seen! I love it and I must say, you are uber-talented! xo This totally made my day!


Dennise, your kind and enthusiastic comments about my Vanna totally made MY day!! Thanks so much!! Kara




Thanks Ariel! ;-)

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