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January 04, 2010


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that's freaking adorable!


Thanks Jenn!!!! I love it too! Like I said in my post, I made one for me as soon as I parted with the one I made for Johanna.


Thank you! It 's adorable :) I like it....


You're welcome Ipanda!


Very cute!


Thanks Claudine!


Couldn't you wrap some shredded brillo pads (the ones without the soap) in polyfill to sharpen your pins if you create the tomato/strawberry all on your own?


That's a great idea Wendyloohoo! You can buy emery to put in the strawberry but you'd have to put it in a little fabric pouch first and that seemed like too much work. I like your idea much better!!


Aww, this is darling. I just clicked over from CraftGossip and I'm so glad I did. What a lovely project. I would love to link to this pattern if you didn't mind.


Thanks Rachel. Feel free to link the pattern. I love One Pretty Thing! Take care. Kara

Heather - Dollar Store Crafts

Aww, so cute. Found it via One Pretty THing! :)


Love this pattern, but what does it mean sc in Magic ring? I didn't see where the base chain was in the pattern.

Marjorie Wilhelm

Kara, this is really cute! I'll make one, for sure.
Ground walnut hulls make a good filling for pincushions, heavy enough to stay put, but pins go in easily. I think you can get them at the pet store, especially where they sell bird supplies. (Fred tells me they are also used for sandblasting!)


Hi Pam. You can also start by Chaining 2, then making 6 sc (or however many sc you need) in the 2nd sc from hook. Sorry for the confusion. Kara


Thanks Marjorie (mom!).


I just finished crocheting my daughter's Build-a-bear blanket. Now I need a new project. This will work. Too cute! Thank you for a great pattern.


You're welcome Christine. Hope you enjoy making the pincushion.


Thanks Heather!


You are amazing - I love it!! My Mum has that pincushion :o)
(hope you're feeling better) xxxx


Thanks Heather! Hope all is well in the sticks. I'll send you a proper email soon.


Such a cute pattern...I'm new to crochet and am trying to teach myself how to read patterns...came across this one and made it for my Mom who's a seamstress...needless to say she LOVED IT! Showed it off to her neighbor and now she wants one as well...thank you!


That's fabulous chris-angela!!! I'd love to see a picture. Take care. Kara

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