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February 10, 2010


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And I want to thank you for posting about Yarn 365! :) I love these shots of the little guy! I was wondering if you guys took a weekend trip to Maine looking at them!


Those are so cute! I showed Jonah the lobster pics and he got very excited. I tried to turn off the computer and he kept yelling, "More lobster! More lobster!" Good work! And great pics.

Lavender Dreamer

How adorable! Mike is quite cute, too! Love your sweet ideas and your fun blog! ♥


Thanks so much Lavender Dreamer!!! You made Mike's day. :-)


that New England lobster man is absolutely adorable, as is the rest of your dolls! I found your blog via woowork and I was intrigued because I was just trying to figure out how to crochet blogs. I don't know if you take suggestions, but if so, maybe a Seattle Fish Tosser can accompany your New England Lobster Man and they can share tales of the sea, hehe :)



Thanks for hopping over from Howie's blog Carmel. Howie is amazing. That's a GREAT idea to make a amigurumi Seattle Fish Tosser! I would love to design a doll with those suspenders, orange pants, and a big fish to toss around! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add it to my list. So many doll ideas, so little time. :-). Take care Carmel and thanks again for stopping by.


i love it, its very nice all your work, (sorry my inglish its sucks.)

Jill Grace

OMG!!! I love him!!

Lori Beard

Love this...the detail is amazing..awesome job!!


Thanks so much for all of your nice comments. You brightened up my evening.


Hi Kara - we just posted about the lobsterman. Nice work!



Thanks Textile Museum of Canada!!!! I wondered what was going on. I got 1,800 hits in about 10 minutes. :-). You guys have a BIG audience. Thanks again.


So adorable! Great job!

Dani Fiori

I wish I could buy all of these little friends since I don't knit. I can imagine how much work goes into them. They are sooo great! xo

Alison Fennell

Cute cute cute - love the nautical theme!Alison


Thanks Stacey, Dani and Alison for your comments. Stacey, I've gotten a lot of requests from people who want to buy dolls, as opposed to patterns, so I am thinking of making up a "series" of some of the more requested dolls and offering them for sale. I'll let you know if that happens.


Awesome design! I like it so much.


Thanks Lina!! Take care. Kara


I absolutely LOVE this little guy and would love to make him for a relative of mine. Do you have a pattern for him?


Oh this little guy is so cute! Yep, I too was wondering if you sold the pattern to make him. Your work is awesome!!!

Terri Drake

The lobster is cute but that fisherman is adorable! Is it possible to purchase the pattern for him? Would love to make him to go with the lobster. Will definitely be back to see what else you create. Your work is fantastic!!

Terri at the Drake's Nest in Palm Bay, FL

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