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May 18, 2010


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Oh my gosh, thank you for sharing this! My youngest daughter has a thing for lobsters (she's unique!:)I can't wait to make one for her. She will love this!


He is just precious! Thank you so much for sharing! ♥


You're very welcome JessA and VinGirl. I hope you both enjoy making the lobster, and Jess I hope your daughter likes it. Take care. Kara


Thank you for the pattern! It's Crochet Today's loss!


Thanks Christy! The pattern has been downloaded almost 2,000 times already so hopefully there will be lots of lobsters out there soon. Take care! Kara.

Maria Morgan

How can I purchase your Lobsterman, Mime, and Viking Amigurummi patterns?


Thanks so much!

Bev @ Flamingo Toes

I really love him! I put together a list of great crafts to do on a Road Trip and I've added your little lobster to it!


Adorable pattern... maybe it just takes a while for the magazine to contact you! My step daughter is getting married in Maine and I may have to crochet a few of these lobsters to place around the guests' rooms! I am already making chocolate lobsters.


Hi Maria. I'm currently working on finding a publisher for my patterns for the lobsterman, Mime and Viking. I'll let you know when the patterns are ready for distribution. Thanks so much for your interest. Kara


Thanks Bev and Margo. Bev, I hope your road trip lobster comes out well. A couple of people on Ravelry have tried the pattern and their lobsters are really cute. Margo, what a great idea to make lobsters to place in guest rooms for you daughter's wedding in Maine! They are really quick to make (you can make a couple in an evening). I'm sure your guests will love to have a lobster to take home. Take care. Kara


You're welcome Rose. I hope you enjoy the pattern. Kara

Lavender Dreamer

How cute! I would love to try to make one! Just precious! Thank you so much! ♥


You're welcome Lavender Dreamer!

Stitching With Cat Fur

I love this lil guy and I think he'd make an excellent cat toy as well. I may just add a lil fresh catnip with the stuffing..


What a great idea Stitching with Cat Fur. I never thought of adding catnip and making the lobster into a cat toy. We have FOUR (count 'em four!) cats and I'm sure they would love that.


Just finished :) too cute, and very easy. adding it to my ocean themed baby mobile. will post pics when done


Glad you liked making the lobster Ariel. Please do send me a photo of your mobile!!! It sounds adorable. Kara


Thank you for this great pattern!! My sister had a little blue "lobster" in her fish tank and misses him. I just finished making one for her Christmas stocking - she's gonna LOVE it! :)


That's so nice of you MissAngleN to make a lobster for your sister! I hope she liked it. My husband and I have fish tanks (one salt water and one fresh water) but we've never raised a lobster.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the pattern. Take care! Kara

Nancy Clark

I love the little lobsters, but I am having trouble downloading the pattern. I click on the link and I only get a blank page.


Hey Nancy. I've had a few similar complaints this week. Sorry you're having trouble. I'll look into it and send you the pattern in the meantime. Thanks. Kara


Very cute pattern! All of your stuff is amazing.

My lobster: http://stargazundesigns.blogspot.com/2011/10/crochet-mini-lobster.html


Your lobster looks great Michelle. Thanks for the link. I really like your blog and enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful things you crochet. I was also quite interested in your pottery! I've tried that a bit, but don't have your skills. Take care. Kara


Thank you ! My children love lobsters, I will start one soon, and come back to show it to you. Thanks !!


Terrific Cecile! Can't wait to see the lobster you make!!


Thanks for the pattern.


That is adorable. I will make a couple in red… I'm Louisianian. We do crawfish – not lobster! :o)


You're welcome Clotilde.


Glad you like the lobster Karen. I'm sure your Louisiana crawfish will be adorable!!

Stephanie K

For some reason I am not able to send you my email address for when the little boy with the raccoon pattern is available. Can you please add me to your list? [email protected]
Thanks so much!!!

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