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December 20, 2010


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Absolutely love this!!!
You creative and talented lady, you!


Thanks Heather! Hope you are well. I'd love to see you over the holidays. Any plans to be in the city?

Lynn Isaac

This looks so awesome and I too have a lamp that does not have a shade and it is an odd size which I can not replace. I was wondering if the heat from the light bulb has any negative effect on the shape of your shade ?


Hi, this is a great idea.

I was just wondering if this lamp shade pattern was safe against the heat of the light bulb if lamp was on for several hours? Have you had any issues with it?

I usually use the equivalent of a 60 watt light bulb/ I usually use those energy bulbs or special bulbs that mimic sunlight in my lamp.

I can't do anything about the shade but by covering it up I thought I'd update its look.


Hi Lynn and dsknouse! Thanks for commenting on my lampshade. The lamp is in our bedroom so it's only on for a few hours a day. There are two 60 watt bulbs in the light fixture. So far it's been fine. I was worried it might yellow from the heat but so far so good!!! Thanks again for writing.

Catherine Schmitz

First I thought really, a crocheted lamp shade. .. but I'm going to try this for a lamp in my bedroom. Do the stitches create shadows? How interesting


I love this! You are very clever:-)..can you explain again how you increase in the sc rows?

'On the single crochet rounds I increased the same way you would if you were going to make a crochet ball'

not sure what that means...can you claify? thank you so much


Hi Catherine. Yes, the light does make pretty shadows. It's kind of a soft checkerboard effect on the walls. I may someday make another one with some sort of lacy pattern that would really cast pretty shadows. Thanks for writing. I hope your shade turns out well. Kara


Hi Suzette. I believe I increased by 6 or 8 stitches evenly every other round. Sorry I'm not more precise than that. I should have written down the pattern as I went along. If I make another crocheted shade I will write down the pattern and post it on the blog. Take care and thanks for writing. Kara

AG  artextil, alejandra Gutierrez

Great idea i had done with ballons
I like this , I will try
Thanks a lot
Plese pint us with your projects


Thank you, I found you on Pinterest and Pinned to my Crochet Board. I have an oil lamp and I can't find a shade. This will be perfect.


Thank you so much for the idea & the stiffening recipe! I am new to crocheting (but do a lot of other crafts) and I am completely LOVING IT!
I have an upward facing lamp in my craft room that I got at Goodwill. It also had no torchiere lamp shade, but I needed a lamp & it was cheap so I bought it. But I could never figure out how to make a shade for it. So I am so excited! I am going to do this! I will send a picture when I get it done (I'm not sure when that will be though so don't hold your breath!).
Thanks Again,


I wanted to suggest that you might add the word "torchiere" or "upward facing" to your title. Such as, "Crocheted Upward Facing Lampshade" I think I would have checked it out sooner and it might clarify it or be more of a draw for others. Just a thought. =o )


This is pretty cool! Thank you. I am sharing on my next post http://myprettybabi.blogspot.com/

Kate Porter

This shade will be perfect for a floor lamp I have. The bulb is more than 60 watts, however. I will try to find one that is less than what I have. It's a special kind of bulb. Or I just won't light the lamp often. Anyway, it's perfect.

Diane Perkinson

I have a lamp just like this and my son's dog knocked it down and broke the lamp shade. I am going to try this.
My question for you is just do you remember how many you started it with? How many did you chain?
Can't wait to try it, just love the look of it!!


Thanks so much all for the nice comments. Diane, I needed to leave a whole big enough for the light to go through so I just made a chain that fit around the size opening I needed, then attached the ends with a slip stitch. I don't remember exactly how many stitches I used and sadly, the shade was destroyed when we moved so I no longer have it to go back and count. I would guess that it was maybe 25 stitches. Good luck making your shade. Please send me a photo!

Jimmy Wallace

I know this was shared years ago but I just found it today when I needed it. I have crochet snow flakes my grandmother made for me at least 30 years ago at age 85. I decided I need to share them with my other sisters.I washed them and didn't now how to starch them stiff. I know my grandmother had used sugar water but the cornstarch & water sounds better and will not attract ants. Thanks


Thanks for sharing your crochet stiffening tips! See how I followed your advice in my latest blog post at www.trinamichellehouse.com

Cheryl Hartlen

Hello! So glad to see another option for "stiffening crochet" instead of white glue and water... or white glue and water and a bit of flour! I made 3 large "doily lanterns" for a wedding shower... they were a huge hit... with mini lights dangling inside them... but after I brought them home... we had a lot of humidity hit... and hot temps... and they started to "implode" and droop! I was just sick! Now... I will experiment with your suggestion... because I have a bunch of people wanting some of these things! LOL Thanks so much! I'll have to let the starch really cool off... or it will break the balloon type forms!

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