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February 25, 2013


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Kara, thank you for passing along info about these whimsical and stylish dishcloths. I need to get over my crochet neurosis and get to work! I really love the colors and yarn you chose, and as I recall Knit Picks has a newish and handsome-looking cotton yarn, too.


Cute designs!


Glad you like the the dishcloths Bev and Marion. I've never tried Knit Picks cotton yarn but I will look into it.


So, I fall on the sponge side, but I use things my mom made as dishcloths as facecloths instead. They can't be that different, can they?

These are really great! I like the square one the best.


Thanks Jenn. The square one is Susan's pattern. It's in the booklet. They might be a little too textured for face cloths but they are perfect for dishes.

Jill Roth

Having always been a "sponge" person these adorable dishcloths could bring me to the other side. Thanks Kara!


Thanks Jill. :-) The nice thing about a sponge is that you can pop it in the microwave or run it through the dishwasher to sanitize it. The dishcloth crowd has to do more laundry!


Love your color combos!


Thanks Claudine.


I'm also a sponge person (and you just reminded me that I should put mine in the microwave) but I love the look of these, esp. the chevron one. Could they be used as potholders or trivets instead?


Too funny...my mom was squarely (get it!?!) A dishcloth user, while I am firmly in the sponge camp. But I love the chevron pattern, and am reaaly glad I stumbled upon your posting!


I've never made dishcloths before because I thought they looked boring, but these are so pretty! I'll have to give them a try. Thanks!


Ruth, yes, I think these can be used as trivets. On her website Susan has some patterns for wiggly crochet potholders. It's the same technique, just with more of the grid filled in so that your fingers can't accidentally poke through any of the holes!


Ha! Thanks Carolyn. It's funny how loyal people are to one or the other. Take care.


Thanks Nini. These could be a good way to use up the scraps from that pretty crochet blanket you just made (if it was cotton?).


Really lovely. Some very interesting variations there.


i've been a sponge person, mostly because i use the scrubby side to clean things. and i feel like i'd regret getting something i've made stained and dirty.... first world problems to be sure, but i love the idea of using these as a trivet!


Just like you, my mother is a dishcloth person and my mother-in-law is a sponge person and I have stuck with the dishcloth. We have little battles with my husband & kids about which to use. These wiggly crochet dishcloths are so cute. I am definitely going to make one soon. Do you mind if I talk about it on my blog? I will direct everyone right over to Susan's blog (and I will put in a good word for you too). Thanks for sharing!


My mother made me an afghan when I was in high school that is the same concept as these dishcloths. I still have it mumble mumble years later. :)


Is the knitting or crocheting of dishcloths an American thing? Personally, I would not waste my time making a dishcloth when there are so many other beautiful things to make. Granted these are lovely designs - they are just too pretty to be relegated to washing dishes. PS I'm a sponge person!

Charlotte Lusk

I've seen these before but didn't know who had the patterns. Thanks for featuring the Wigglys.


I wish I knew how to crochet so that I could make some. They are lovely.


Thanks so much everyone for the comments. Patrice, feel free to blog about the wiggly dishcloths. Daphne, I don't know - maybe this is an american thing. My mom always knitter her own. It was a good way to use up cotton yarn scraps left over from other projects. That's interesting Katy that your mom made you a wiggly afghan. Thanks Allana, Jill, Charlotte and Daniela!


Very nice designs, the wavy one looks like a trivit. I'm going to practice, practice, practice my crochet.

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